Nothing of interest really! More of a test!

Well hello! This is my first attempt at a blog! Yay me! I have thought about starting a blog for some time now. For several reasons!

First, I am a volunteer advocate for individuals living with a disability in Ontario Canada, more importantly, Durham Region. Tho I have assisted individual in other regions.

Second, I am constantly watching the political meltdown of this province and this country. I have strong views, most not politically correct and this gives me a forum to vent whatever I feel like venting based on my life story! And not have to be accountable to anyone for my views, or if they are completely correct!

Third, I am addicted to the TV series Scandal! Love this show! It reminds me a a modern version of The West Wing, only with the best sex scenes permitted in the 10pm time slot!

It includes two of my favourite actors, Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington! The show is written by the genius Shonda Rimes also writer of Greys Anatomy and Private Practice, no longer running.

But there is another element to this show! Twitter! Twitter has added another level to this TV series! The awesome cast live tweets with us every Thurs at 10pm. Using the hashtag #askscandal It’s brilliant! Currently in its second season, this is a story of love, war, hate, crime, morals, values, don’t care about the morals and values as we are so invested in the characters they can do no wrong. Except for the President calling Olivia Pope, the lead female actress and character who runs an office of “fixers”. Her firm is hired to do the dirty work for anyone and everyone important, especially anything related to the Oval Office and her President and love of her life! But he is forbidden fruit as he is Married to Mellie who really could give a shit about anything but the power that comes with the Presidency and perhaps trying to become Vice President in her own head!

Olivia Pope and Associates are a group of high ranking professions in their own right. Some legal, most not! But that’s what makes this such an efficient firm to fix a problem!
Olivia Pope and President Grant are known as #Oliz on twitter. Due to their undeniable chemistry, on screen and off, are a bi-racial couple having this affair that is no secret to anyone!
Olivia assisted in getting Governor Grant elected to President, and we have recently learned the election was rigged and Olivia, the love of the Presidents life, was a part of. He feels betrayed. He murders a Supreme Court judge who confides this information to him. But she was gonna die any minute anyway, she was on her last breathe with cancer. Her deciding to clear her conscience before she died, catapulted a complete turn in the story line! His wife was pregnant with their third child, despite his affair with fixer Olivia Pope, and has also learned his wife was also on the committee who rigged his presidential election! As was his chief of staff and others who are close to him.
Mellie gives birth to their third child, which draws The President, aka #Fitz back in and away from Olivia Pope, his true love.

But that is only part of Scandal. One must watch ABC at 10 pm to continue to lose yourself in one of the most exciting fast paced, sexual, smoken hot characters TV has seen in a long time! It is so refreshing to have a tv series not based on reality TV for a change! These are talented brilliant actors! Facial expressions cause you to get lost in the emotions. You become so invested in the characters that your moral compass goes out the window and you don’t care!
Each week we gather on twitter as fans known as #Gladiators. And trust me, #Gladiators are the best! There are so many of us now on twitter, that it really is twitter that has elevated this series to the power house series that it has become!
Many of the #Gladiators are black women who feel that finally, there is a huge series out there that are celebrating that finally main stream TV is dominated by a black woman and a black audience.
(I hope I haven’t offended any one with that comment, just being honest from how I see it.) Besides, I’ve come to love these women and these #Gladiators, and I’m pretty sure they have come to trust me as much as I have come to trust and love them.
But the twitter influence can not be ignored! As an older #Gladiator, who isn’t old at all, I’m turning 49 in April, but many #gladiators are very young, as young as 15. Could be younger individuals, I don’t know, I don’t ask. What I do know is as a white woman involved in the phenomenon that is being a #gladiator, I have never felt more accepted, loved, or happy, as I have with a bunch of all levels of intelligent women of all ages, who are extremely funny, hilarious, yet can be deep in thought and way smarter than me. But I am still accepted! And to be honest, I had no clue most of the #Gladiators I was tweeting with were women of colour! Which is the beauty of this whole thing! Twitter is unbiased, non racial, and based on relationships by what you tweet, not the colour of your skin, where you live, how much money you make or don’t make, what you do for a living, or anything else but you love for the TV series Scandal!
There’s plenty of swearing, bonus, biggest potty mouth out there, and don’t care, and neither does the other #gladiators!
I feel a genuine connection with #Gladiators. I need them now! They have become an essential part of my life. I recently went away on vacation and as much as I pledged not to access social media, I had to a few times! I miss my #Gladiators! I truly did! I couldn’t believe how much I have become invested in these awesome people. There are no barriers no judgement all fun and analogy of Scandal!
And it doesn’t matter what time of day or night, there is always #gladiators on twitter! Seriously! Which works well for me as I’m nocturnal, lol
If you watch Scandal, you have to become a #Gladiator! Otherwise you will miss out on the true entertainment and experience this show has to offer! Once a #Gladiator, always a #Gladiator!
Scandal really soared during this second season. And in my opinion, I believe it is the results of the power of twitter and the #Gladiators that has elevated the popularity of the series, and the network as well as the show creators are taking note of this. Part of the draw is the live cast tweeting during the show. And every #Gladiator seeks to get a tweet from the cast, but mostly from the main male lead character Tony Goldwyn or the main female character Kerry Washington! But for me, a tweet from #Fitz, President Fitzgerald Grant, is the biggest thrill ever! To realize this amazing actor gave me a second of his thoughts, enough to respond to a tweet is huge! And I’m happy to report I finally received my tweet last week from him. It is currently in my avatar background:)
In the effort to not ramble on too much further, I shall try and wrap this up! Maybe! My blog, can say what I want:)

But seriously, I can not say enough about this series. From the awesome actors, cast, crew, right down to craft services, every aspect of this series excels above so many others!
I’m learning everyday how kind people can be, perfect strangers, whom I’ve never met, have filled a void in my life with the lost of my parents. But even if that were not a reason, #gladiators have your back, emotionally, and offer so much support regardless on what it is you need, they are there for you. All you have to do is put it out there!
#Gladiators accept everyone, unconditionally! As I said there is not barriers, making you feel the love, feel accepted. Should you say something that may be offensive, unintentionally of course, it is brought to your attention, and you are given every opportunity to make it right! We all get along, we all respect each other to admit we made a mistake and fix it or apologize. It happens, but it’s rare.

So if you’re not already a Scandal addict, and a #Gladiator, I highly recommend it.
#Gladiators have gotten to the point where we are have started an annual #Gladiator conference/convention. The very first one is this year in New York on memorial weekend. #Gladiators have been given a special rate for that weekend, ABC has learned of this meet up and is supporting it by donating a Scandal gift basket, the cast has learned of this meeting, and who knows what they could do. There are excursions planned for that weekend, including a tour of world trade centre memorial. It’s awesome how a bunch of like minded individuals who have come together as the result of a brilliant TV series are now hooking up to meet each other, celebrate each other, and discuss our favourite topic, #Olitz. Scandal. Speculate on what will happen next, who will kill who, who will fuck who, who will shock us. As every week we think there is nothing left that Shonda Rimes could write that would shock us, she does!
There has been a 3 week hiatus of Scandal, and a new episode starts this Thurs. March 21st at 10pm ABC. And thank lord there is cause we #Gladiators have been in Scandal withdrawal and can not wait!
If any of my #Gladiatorfam reads this. Please let me know what you think. As I said this is my first attempt at blogging. I welcome any construction criticism.
With love,


About donnaherold

Married 28 yrs, two awesome boys, 25 and 23, one who lives with cerebral palsy, but is doing awesome and in college to be a chef, the other, a red seal electrician. own our own business framing residential and commercial as well as general contracting for aprox 30 yrs now. an advocate for individuals living with a disability voluntarily. lover of all animals, but mostly cats! Rescue them all the time! Love my jeep Rubicon! Live in the country, grew up in the country, but love my city of Toronto! As well as northern Ontario in the spring summer and fall. Winter, not so much! Love art, music, travel, politics, and family! Not in that order. A sense of humour is the best asset in everyone, and love a sense of humour! I am 49 yrs old April 2nd. Proud Gladiator and love my Scandal TV series and my gladiator family! Love Bon fires and star gazing. More of a five star resort type but do like the outdoors. Spoiled rotten by my hubby who is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Stay tuned for further awesomeness. This blog is my first. Yes I'm a virgin blogger! Have patience please welcome any friendly advice. May include topics of any and all things! Have a potty mouth! Deal!
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One Response to Nothing of interest really! More of a test!

  1. donnaherold says:

    A well, not even 24 hours after I wrote raving reviews of ABC’s Scandals #Gladiators, there was a huge #gladiator meltdown last night that turned nasty fast! Imagine my shock! I was very disappointed to say the least.
    The new actor Scott Foley, who is playing Jake in the series, jumped on twitter in an attempt to make conversation with the Gladiators. And I’m sure to also try and get to know us. After all there has been so many positive great things said of the Gladiators! We do not judge, we accept all unconditionally! At least that’s what I thought! But got my wake up call last night! Not all Gladiators are created equal!
    Scott apparently made a comment that upset a few Gladiators. Honestly, I can’t remember the exact content of that tweet, but I do recall it was character based as written by the shows writer Shonda Rimes. The response from at least one gladiator was that Scott was pretty cocky for only having been on the show for such a short time! Not exactly written in that way.
    Nevertheless, things spiralled out of control from there. And I found myself defending Scott Foley. To the point where I ended up in twitter jail!
    Scott is a threat to the #oliz team, and this is what was the driving force behind the tweets and Gladiators reaction.
    However, we must remember this is a TV show. Not personal! And that’s what I saw happen last night. Some gladiators attacked Scott Foley personally! Which is not acceptable and is disrespectful! I did what I could to try and intervene, but got no where really. Tho I did get a tweet from Scott which I was honoured to get. But it did not stop the relentless attack on Scott.
    I felt bad for the guy, I really did. It was a complete misunderstanding. Scott was warned when he was brought into the show how cut throat gladiators can be when the Olivia Pope and President Grant #Oliz is threatened. But not in this way! No one has the right to attack an actor personally! His character on the show, sure. But not the person!
    This continued for quite some time. It was sad, embarrassing, and disappointing. Because as indicated, I had just written a blog about how accepting and awesome the gladiator nation was!
    Than after a couple of hours defending Scott, @tonygolwyn sends a tweet out to @tangelaekhoff #gladiator momma to show his support for Scott, and to basically shut this crap down! And that was the exact moment I got locked up in twitter jail! Unfriggin believable! Why, you might ask? Because I spent most of the night tweeting support for Scott, and Tangela get the tony tweet? But to be honest I take no issue with that. I get why he tweeted Tangela. She’s the gladiator momma, and one of the very few the show follows. And all it took was that one tweet from the Scandal President to really shut it down! And it did! Thank God! What was even more frustrating for me was seeing some of the gladiators who were dissing Scott suddenly changed their tuned once Tony Goldwyn sent that tweet out! WTF? That’s just wrong!
    But, not gonna dwell on it! It takes all kinds to make the world go round.
    I truly hope this has made gladiators think twice before they attack another!
    I did notice Scott took his chance to fire off one venting tweet basically an in your face tweet to all those who dissed him, and who can blame him? I actually thought it was funny. But as I was in twitter jail and could only watch what was being tweeted about, I could not respond. Probably for the best.
    Another thing I found just as Tangela would say, fucknuttery is there were several gladiators who were complaining that the show story line was getting repetitive. Shonda brings in Scott Foley and there’s your game changer! Only to have him crucified for Shonda writing his role in the series! I don’t get it.
    So Scott, Tony, anyone who may be on this awesome series, welcome Scott. I look forward to whatever your character brings to the show! You are an extremely talented actor, with the gorgeous good looks to go along with it. Do what you are hired to do. Don’t get caught up in the gladiator craziness when they disagree. You have every right to defend your character as in your character as a person! No actor deserves that! We love our cast. We love this cast tweets us! You were doing what we want you to do! Don’t take it personally. Please know this. And having talked to several other gladiators who felt and feel as I do, rest assured we are all upset with what happened last night! That is not what we are about. And Tony said it best with his tweet. The true gladiators will support you. Well this gladiator does and I know of many many others who do as well. Don’t let a couple of disrespectful gladiators change how you interact, how you feel, or how you go forward with this series and tweeting with us true gladiators!
    I’m sorry it happened.
    All the best, hope I see you live tweeting with the rest of the cast.
    Take care-hazing is over in my opinion!

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