No, I’m not ok

This is an important entry by a wife of a cop in Moncton On where 3 RCMPNB were senselessly killed and 2 others injured by this single shooter. Who was at large for some time and parts of the community were in lockdown for many hours until the shooter was found.
It includes the emotional state of this woman as the incident took place, and includes her thoughts on the issue. And her thoughts are thoughts I share completely! The more people see and read this, the more this message will get out! So please read and share! We as a society have a responsibility to change how some view our police, and we need to let all those who serve that we support them, that it’s ok not to be ok!

River Mama


I’m not ok.

I heard the news after I came back from baseball with my sons. Three fallen police officers, Mounties, killed by some kid with a hate-on for cops.  Two more in the hospital.  A whole community threatened (still threatened as I write this…)

I responded like anyone would.  Shock, but then relief that it wasn’t anyone we knew.  Then gratitude for the life my family has, tossed in with some serious denial that this could ever happen to my husband.  Then I thought I was “good to go”.  I thought it was ok to watch the news, ok to wait for updates, ok to tuck my kids into bed, and to finally go to sleep.

But I didn’t want to sleep. I watched the news.  I saw the unnecessary image of an officer’s blood on the pavement.  I watched grown men cry, giving news briefs, heartbroken.  I read Facebook – saw the…

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Married 28 yrs, two awesome boys, 25 and 23, one who lives with cerebral palsy, but is doing awesome and in college to be a chef, the other, a red seal electrician. own our own business framing residential and commercial as well as general contracting for aprox 30 yrs now. an advocate for individuals living with a disability voluntarily. lover of all animals, but mostly cats! Rescue them all the time! Love my jeep Rubicon! Live in the country, grew up in the country, but love my city of Toronto! As well as northern Ontario in the spring summer and fall. Winter, not so much! Love art, music, travel, politics, and family! Not in that order. A sense of humour is the best asset in everyone, and love a sense of humour! I am 49 yrs old April 2nd. Proud Gladiator and love my Scandal TV series and my gladiator family! Love Bon fires and star gazing. More of a five star resort type but do like the outdoors. Spoiled rotten by my hubby who is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Stay tuned for further awesomeness. This blog is my first. Yes I'm a virgin blogger! Have patience please welcome any friendly advice. May include topics of any and all things! Have a potty mouth! Deal!
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